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Whole Sides

SKU: Whole Sides
Weight: 240 lbs
The Whole Side price is $1740.00 (i.e., 240 pounds at $7.25/lb) The Side can shipped in reusable insulated containers with gel packs and/or dry ice. The following is a minimum list of the cuts in a Whole Side. All grilling steaks are cut at least 1” thick, roasts about 3 lbs, and burgers are 5-6oz jumbo. By buying a Whole Side, the buyer has the option of getting it custom cut to their liking. However, such arrangements must be made before placing the order. A photo of each individual cut can be viewed by clicking on the Category for "Individual Cuts". Order and Enjoy! More details...
Price: $1,740.00
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Whole Sides
Whole Sides
Product Details
10 Ribeye Steaks (2 per pack)
8 NY Strip Steaks (2 per pack)
8 Filet Mignon Steaks (2 per pack)
12 Sirloin Strip Steaks (2 per pack) 
16 Cube Steaks (4 per pack)
6 Flank Steaks 
4 Philly Steak Packs
2 Skirt Steaks
6 chuck Roast
6 Shoulder Roast
6 London Broil Roast
2 Eye of Round Roast
2 Sirloin Tip Roast
8 Short Rib Packs
2 Brisket
48 Jumbo Burgers (4 per pack)
10 Boneless Stew Beef Packs
 3 Beef Liver Packs
* Approximately 50-60 pounds of Ground Beef in approximately 1lb packages.

* The amount of Ground Beef is determined by that needed to make the weight equal 240 lbs.
** Soup bones an marrow bones comes with the side, but are not included in the charged weight. They will be available for $2.00 per lb.if you should want them.

Note: Should be out of a certain cut (excluding the steaks), it will be replaced with another cut of equal or greater value. The total weight will always be 240 lbs.

A photo of each individual cut can be viewed by clicking on the Category for "Individual Cuts".

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Baldwin Beef is all natural, grass fed, antibiotic free, lean beef.

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