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The Cara Demu Story on Grassfed Beef Bones

As a nutritionist, I am always looking for food ways for my clients to get nutrition they need to support their health. On the surface this may seem like a straightforward way to achieve good health but unfortunately it is not. When most of us are too busy to cook our meals, let alone shop for quality ingredients, convenience becomes the priority in making food choices. When convenience is the primary concern, nutrition suffers and therefore health suffers. I know we are not accustomed to thinking in this manner but unfortunately this the biochemical reality.

Increasingly I have turned to traditional foods to provide the abundance of nutrients in the diet. These slow cooked, nutrient dense foods are not only delicious and comforting, they are easy to digest and provide the nutrients that our modern day lifestyles tend to burn through just to keep pace with our hurried lives. Most recently my obsession has been bone broth, particularly grassfed beef bone broth.

I use grassfed beef bones because grassfed animals are the healthiest. They come from smaller farms where they live healthful lives out in the sun grazing on pastures. This way of life gives the animals a better lipid (fat) profile: they have more healthy omega 3 fats and a much higher level of the very important fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E, and K. Their bones are very mineral rich, meaning that their minerals not only are easy to digest and absorb but are in the proper ratios that make them ready to use by our human bodies.

Another excellent aspect of these healthy animals is their strong ligaments and cartilage. The nutrients released from slow cooking gnarly bony bones with big knuckles of cartilage and chunks of ligaments help to restore our own damaged cartilage and joints be it from injury, ware and tare or from the ravages of arthritis. My mother suffers form arthritis and a cup of bone broth per day has dramatically reduced her suffering.

Drinking bone broth to help our bones may seem a bit obvious but the benefits do not stop there, actually they start in the digestive tract. Bone both helps the moment we swallow it. The high glutamine contained in the broth means that it smoothes the linings of the body and our digestive tract has a very important lining. Stress, poor diet and lack of exercise can often lead to a breakdown in the lining of the digestive tract. This is manifest in the form of ulcers, poor digestion, pain, gas, bloating. Glutamines get in there and patches up the areas that have deteriorated. In addition, this broth contains high levels of collagen, gelatin and glycine which help streamline digestion by increasing stomach acid, providing fuel to the large intestine (where the last phases for digestion occur) and providing minerals to aid in nutrient absorption.

The function of bone broth that I like best is liver detoxification. I do a 21 day liver cleansing protocol with my clients which helps give the organs of the body a much needed turn-up. This is a specific regimen to be followed which yields excellent results however because the diet must be so simple to allow the liver to cleanse itself, I find that on occasion I would like something rich. Once again, bone broth is the perfect food. Not only does it satisfy the taste buds, it helps do the work of cleansing the body. 

Glycine, a nutrient abundantly present in bone broth, is a limiting factor in the livers natural detoxification process. This means that if there is not enough glycine present, the liver cannot perform its detox functions optimally, making the liver "sluggish". A sluggish liver makes us feel tired, emotionally erratic, short on patience,unable to focus at length. We might have physical pain, digestive issues and become prone to allergies, not to mention stubborn weight gain. Does this sound familiar?

Yes, our modern lifestyles create sluggish livers. A cup of grassfed beef bone broth per day ensures that we have enough glycine in our systems for the liver to perform its daily detox duties so that we may get rid of metabolic wastes that burden our system and eventually create disease.

There are more benefits to be gleamed from a daily cup of bone both. I did not get to the bone marrow and the helping hand it lends to our immune system. I would encourage you to experience them for yourself. I have provided my recipe on the "Recipe and Health" page of this website. There is not too much work involved, just a bit of patience and your house will smell delicious for days!

Try it ----you will love it.