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Little Known Two-Step Steak Cooking Tip

A little known culinary trick using a 2-step (grill/oven) process will guarantee that your all natural, grass fed  steaks will turn out juicy and tender every time and about the same rtime, even if you like them well-done.

Start with thick steaks (1" or better). Make sure the steaks are not ice-cold. We recommend thawing them overnight in the fridge and setting them out about 30 minutes before cooking.

Choose your searing method, grill or skillet. Whichever you choose, the surface should be piping hot. Brush the grill or skillet with virgin olive oil before applying the meat.

Rub both sides of each steak with virgin olive oil and season with pepper, then sprinkle with white or brown sugar. For T-bones, NY Strips, and Ribeyes, use about 1/4 teaspoon of sugar per side; for Filet Mignon's, use a little less. Wait to season them until you are ready to sear, since the sugar melts quickly. Hold the salt and salty seasoning until after cooking since salt draws out moisture and inhibits browning.

Sear the steaks 2-3 minutes per side. They should end up with an impressive crust that has nice grill marks. Skillet steaks should also have an impressive crust with a few blackened spots around the edge.

You may brush on your favorite marina and continue to cook them or move them to a 325 degree oven. Once seared, and moved to an oven, the steaks will need only about 20-30 minutes to reach a rosy pink medium. The oven trick works real when you cooking a lot of steaks and want them all finished about the same time or cut the oven heat and hold them for awhile.

Happy Grilling from V. Mac