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Customer Testimonials

Excerpts of Unsolicited Testimonies from our Customers:
  • Your beef is the best meat I've put in my mouth. It took my taste buds back to my mother's back yard grilling over 50 years ago. Ben Atkins, South Carolina
  • A friend of mine brought me your Family 5 Pac. It is incredible! - Linda Stone, North Carolina
  • Your beef is the best I've ever had. I will be sure to let others know about your products. - Abdeirahim Brown, New York
  • Tonight we had a juicy roast and it was so delicious and tender. - Toni Fairchild, Virgina
  • A quick note to say that my family RAVED over your beef at our family reunion. - Susan Mailage, North Carolina
  • We bought a 1/2 steer from you a few days ago and I want to say that it is best beef we have ever tasted. I recommend it beyond any beef. - Clyde Dail, North Carolina
  • My wife brought home a Baldwin Beef Top Round London Broil from the Carrboro Farmers' Market. It is the best meat we have ever eaten. - Louis Kyriakoudes, North Carolina
  • We were at a very nice restaurant not too long ago and I ordered a steak. It lacked the flavor, leanness, and quality of what I had in my freezer that came from Baldwin Family Farms. - Rory Ford, Virgina
  • Stopped by and purchased some Skirt Steaks. Excellent! - David Collins. North Carolina
  • We finished the last of the excellent steaks that we brought from you, and are looking for more.
  • Served first Filets last night. Fantastic! My guest raved about your beef and wanted to know where I got it. Gave them your web address. - David Gideon, Florida
  • We have had two of the roasts and the steaks: Stupendous! - Richard, North Carolina
  • Your beef is the best I have ever used. - Beverly Emmett, North Carolina
  • Just wanted to let you know that we have really enjoyed the beef we purchased for you. It's delicious and it's wonderful to eat something without guilt. We appreciate what you are doing. - Shani Gibbs, Minnesota
  • We can't imaging eating any other beef! - The Major's, North Carolina
  • Last night cooked the steaks, it was so goooood, enjoyed it. - Ike Molenaar, North Carolina.
  • Thank you for the continuing to supplying us with some of the world's most delicious and nutritious beef. - Eldora Hanni , Pennsylvania
  • Just had to write you and tell you, that your beef is the best we've ever had! We have made two meals, both were just fantastic! - James and Susan Fegen, New York
  • We enjoyed meeting you today. My son, couldn't wait to get home to fix the Philly Steak for dinner. He cooked dinner for us. What a treat! THE BEST Philly cheese steaks that I have ever eaten. And I know I won't get an MGS headache after eating your wonderful meat. It was absolutely YUMMY! -Lottie Sikes, North Carolina
  • I was first introduced to your beef at the Carrboro Farmers' Market in June, 07. My first purchase was the Family 5 Pac. I thought I'd try it because of my inability to eat beef. Well what a surprise!!! The beef melts in your mouth and you hardly need a knife to cut it. Needless to say, now I eat Baldwin beef, all the time. I think you should have a package called "The V. MAC ATTACK". Donna Breda, North Carolina
  • We ate some ground beef and a roast from a recent order which arrived in perfect condition. It was all very good! Adrienne Watts, North Carolina
  • I am incredibly pleased with your beef! I can hardly wait for the beef roast tonight. From now on, I'm buying all my beef from you. Lisa Little, North Carolina
  • We recently ordered some of your meat--and it really tasted good. Rachel Dyche, North Carolina
  • This beef is right on target --- the best. Terry Vick, North Carolina
  • We love your beef and recommend it to everyone! You'll also be pleased to know that since having your beef, we haven't bought any from anywhere else. Michelle Brown, North Carolina
  • You have modernized!!. The first time I ordered , someone called during the Superbowl game to get my credit card information.......times have changed.  Adrienne Watts, North Carolina.
  • When my family grilled their first batch of steaks, they were all overwhelmingly impressed by the quality (taste, texture,etc.) of the beef--best they've ever eaten.  Therese Koch, North Carolina
  • Thank you for all the beef this past year. Especially the burgers. Absolutely delicious and we love the Burger Press. Mark and Diana Lee, North Carolina.
  • I picked up a 1/2 side from you last Saturday and stocked my freezer. On Sunday, I cooked 12 burgers for my family and friends. Everyone agreed they were better than any they had tasted. My friends said they tasted like hamburgers when they were kids. I just wanted to thank you and your family for raising grass-fed beef.  Russ Danstrom, Virgina
  • Nice to see you back online. Your product and service are tops. Look forward to enjoying your superb beef again.  David Gideon, Florida
  • Your beef took me back home! It's the first time in two years that I have tried a piece of beef as good as the ones I usually have in Argentina. Grass makes all the difference, the taste, the texture---Oh Wow! Keep up the good work.  Jose (Nocho) Corbella, North Carolina
  • My husband and I met you about 3 weeks ago at your farm. We purchased your Family 5 Pac. We will never order beef from another company again. Your beef has an exceptional flavor compared to many, many others that we have tried. The ground beef tasted better than any I have ever experienced.  All very good.  Tammy, North Carolina
  • Just had to write and tell you, that's the best beef we have ever eaten! We have made two meals and both were just fantastic!  Jim and Sue,  New York
  • My husband and I toured your farm during farm tour weekend sponsored by the Carolain Farm Stewardship Association. We thoroughly enjoyed seeing your operation and learning about your farm methods. Although we are not big beef eaters, we did purchase some filet mignon to try.  And try your beef we did! Last night we savored every bite with a spinach salad and a glass of red wine. It was the most superb meal we have had in a while. So, needless to say, we will be back to see you. In the meanwhile, best wishes to your continued success.  Henry and Denise, North Carolina
  • It was so nice to meet your today! Thank you for the highest quality of beef! We enjoy Baldwin Beef a lot. Your farm and cattle are gorgeous. And we feel blessed to have found you. Zsuzsa, North Carolina
  • I haven't ordered lately because I've been getting your beef at Whole Foods in Cary. I wanted to let you know how glad I am for that. I tell everyone about your beef and how great it is. I was disappointed when I stopped at Whole Foods the other day to get some of your Ribeye steaks and they were sold-out. So, I am going back again next week.  Marj, North Carolina
  • Just wanted to let you know how much my wife and I like your ground beef. It is delicious---just the way we like it---look forward to ordering more in the future.  John and Margret, South Carolina
  • I am a new customer and wanted to comment on my Family 10 Pac that I ordered. We gave it the test. I just wanted you to know I will be a long time customer. We are looking at buying a whole beef and splitting it.  Bryan, North Carolina
  • I tried your hamburgers for the first time. I have to say they may be ther best my family has ever had. They really are good. My wife said she felt like she was eating steak on a bun. I have already placed an order for a Whole Side.  Bryan Stewart, North Carolina
  • I recently purchased two of your ribeye steaks at the Durham Whole Foods Market. Three minutes per side on the grill with a side of local tomatoes and goat cheese---seriously it was the best steak I've ever eaten! Brooke, North Carolina
  • We picked up our beef order and decided to cook some cube steak. I like cube steak but my wife in not crazy about it. However, we marinated them in alkaline water and then cooked them with a little sea salt, pepper and worcestershire sauce and covered them in onions. She ohooed, ahhhed, and rolled her eyes the whole time she was eating. It was tender and absolutely delicious.  We wanted you to know how much we were enjoying our beef order.     Perry,  North Carolina
  • I just wanted to tell you that we have had the beef and it is absolutely wonderful. Bruce, Illlinois
  • We finished the last of the excellent steaks that we bought from you and are looking for more.  Greg, North Carolina
  • The steaks were great, gave some as gifts and they are loving them. Tony, Virginia
  • I've been eating steak for 35 years. Now I can say that this is the best tasting steak I've ever had, thank you. I plan to tell everybody about the quality of your beef. However, I'm fearful you will sell out. Please mark a steer for me in the future. Jeromy, North Carolina
  • We have enjoyed the halal beef from our first order and we will continue to order from you.  Dabarash,  North Carolina
  • Thank you for the wonderful beef you produce. My adult children have now asked for your beef as gifts for Christmas and Birthdays.  Candace, North Carolina
  • Thanks for such great beef. I rarely beef anymore so this was a real treat.  Renee,  North Carolina