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Quarter ( 1/2 Side)

SKU: Quarter ( 1/2 Side)
Weight: 120 lbs
This is one of most popular items. A great selection of meats and cuts.
Price: $900.00
Quarter ( 1/2 Side)
Quarter ( 1/2 Side)
Product Details
The price of our Quarters is $900.00. (i.e., 120 pounds at $7.50/lb). The Quarter can be shipped in three reusable insulated containers with dry ice. However, to save shipping costs, we always recommend that Quarters be picked-up at our Farm Beef Store if at all possible. The following are the typical cuts in a Quarter. All grilling steaks are cut at least 1 inch thick, roasts about 3lbs, and burgers are 5-6oz jumbo. The cuts in a Quarter (1/2 Side) follow our standard cutout procedure unless special order arrangements are made.

6 Ribeye Steaks 
4 NY Steaks 
4 Filet Mignon Steaks 
6 Sirloin Strip Steaks 
8 Cube Steaks 
3 Flank Steaks 
2 Philly Steak Packs
1 Skirt Steak
3 Chuck Roast
3 Shoulder Roast
3 London Broil Roast
1 Eye of Round Roast
1 Sirloin Tip Roast
4 Short Rib Packs 
24 Jumbo Burgers (4 per pack)
5 Boneless Stew Beef Packs
1 Brisket
3 Beef Liver Packs ***

*Approximately 25-30 pounds of Ground Beef in approximately 1 lbs packages. 
* The amount of Ground Beef is that required to make the final weight equal 120 lbs.
** Soup and Marrow Bones come with the side but are not included in the charged weight. They can be added for $2.00 per lb if you want them.
*** Beef Liver Packs may be replaced with equal weight Ground Beef Packages upon request. 
Note: If we happen to be out of a certain cut (excluding the steaks), we will replace it will other cut of equal or greater value. The total weight will always be 120 pounds.