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Quarter ( 1/2 Side)

SKU: Quarter ( 1/2 Side)
Weight: 120 lbs
This is one of most popular items. A great selection of meats and cuts.
Price: $1,140.00
Quarter ( 1/2 Side)
Quarter ( 1/2 Side)
Product Details
The following is typically included in our standard quarters: All grilling steaks are cut at least 1 inch thick, roasts about 3lbs, and burgers are 5-6oz jumbo. The cuts in a Quarter (1/2 Side) follow our standard cutout procedure unless special order arrangements are made.

6 Ribeye Steaks 
4 NY Steaks 
4 Filet Mignon Steaks 
6 Sirloin Strip Steaks 
8 Cube Steaks 
3 Flank Steaks 
2 Philly Steak Packs
1 Skirt Steak
3 Chuck Roast
3 Shoulder Roast
3 London Broil Roast
1 Eye of Round Roast
1 Sirloin Tip Roast
4 Short Rib Packs 
24 Jumbo Burgers (4 per pack)
5 Boneless Stew Beef Packs
1 Brisket
3 Beef Liver Packs ***

*Approximately 25-30 pounds of Ground Beef in approximately 1 lbs packages.                     
* The amount of Ground Beef is that required to make the final weight equal 120 lbs.
** Soup and Marrow Bones come with the side but are not included in the charged weight. They can be added for $3.00 per lb if you want them.
*** Beef Liver Packs may be replaced with equal weight Ground Beef Packages upon request. 
The Quarter can be shipped in three reusable insulated containers with dry ice. However, to save shipping costs, we always recommend that Quarters be picked-up at our Farm Beef Store if at all possible.                      
Note: If we happen to be out of a certain cut (excluding the steaks), we will replace it will other cut of equal or greater value. The total weight will always be 120 pounds.