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Quarter Sides

Quarter Sides
Many of our repeat customers buy their beef by the Half-Side. A Half-Side is a Whole Side that we have divided 50/50 to make a Half-Side. We could also say that a Half-Side is really a Quarter.The cuts in a Half-Side are exactly half the identical cuts in a Whole-Side.  Half-Sides contain 120 pounds kitchen-ready cuts that have been deboned as much as possible, frozen and vacuum sealed for unlimited freezer storage time. Per capita consumption of beef in the USA is approximately 62 pounds. Therefore, a Half-Side will be a one-year supply of beef for a family of two. We recommend that Half-Sides be picked-up at our Farm Beef Outlet if at all possible. Shipping will typically add $0.75-$1.00 per pound to the cost depending on the UPS charges. Order today and Enjoy!

Quarter ( 1/2 Side)

Quarter ( 1/2 Side)

Price $900.00

100 lb "Virtual Quarter"

100 lb "Virtual Quarter"

Price $800.00

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Baldwin Beef is all natural, grass fed, antibiotic free, lean beef.

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