Baldwin Beef is all natural, grass fed, Halal Beef, antibiotic free, lean beef - Baldwin Grass Fed Beef
Baldwin Charolais Beef
photo of natural beef roastBaldwin Family Farms is a multi-generation, sustainable Charolais cattle farm owned and operated by the Baldwin family. The operation is over 1100 acres (plus over 2000 ac of leased pastures) near Yanceyville, North Carolina. The Baldwin family consists of V. Mac & Peggy , daughter Patti Shepherd (children Scott & Patrick) and son Craig, wife Tracey (children Kristain and Stephen).

Inspired by his Grandfather, the late H. Mack Weatherspoon, V. Mac dreamed of being a cattleman at very young age. He purchased his first calf when was 10 years old.  While studying engineering at North Carolina State University, when others were cruising Raleigh on weekends, V. Mac and Peggy would cruise the NC State cattle herds on their Vespa Scooter.

Their quest for creating the best grass fed, antbiotic free, all-natural free range beef, began in 1969 with the purchased of two registered Charolais heifers. Peggy's family's 19-acre homeplace became their first pastures. They went on to rent and improve 100's of acres until 1981 when they purchased a 331-acre homeplace in Caswell County.

The Baldwins practices a unique form of winter and summer grazing that allow them to graze year-around. There are three key elements to their program: 1) Using rich organic plant food (breeder hen litter)—which is now produced entirely on their farm from over 90,000 hens and roasters, 2) Fall planting of forage Rye/Marshall Rye Grass/ Crimson Clover for winter grazing, and 3) Spring planting and summer grazing of Red River and Quick and Big Crabgrass. This unique system of high energy, high protein (sweet grasses) has quadrupled the grazing capacity of their pastures while further improving the quality and flavor of their beef.

In 2002 the Baldwins began direct-marketing their unique grass fed, antibiotic free, all-natural lean beef under the Baldwin Charolais Beef label. In 2003, they opened their On-Farm Beef Outlet. Early adopters of web technology, they redesigned their websites in 2005 and 2008 to better reflect the family's growing business.

The mission statement of Baldwin Family Farms is : "To Produce chemical-free, all-natural grassfed lean  beef with superior health benefits, quality and flavor utilizing old-fashioned, sustainable techniques--Our farm to your family "
We invite you to tour of our pastures and see our cattle by via our  Video page or Virtual Tour.

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Baldwin Beef is all natural, grass fed, antibiotic free, lean beef.

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